1. Can I still use the oil if I don’t have locs?

Yes, it’s an amazing product that yields awesome results especially for those who struggle with moisture retention, dry scalp or thinning hair! It’s not just for locs... we use it on all natural hair & men love it for their beards as well. Its also safe for children, loose naturals, braided styles, application prior to installing wigs/weaves. It is recommended for all hair and skin types.


2.  How often should I use the oil?

At least 2-3x per week or as often as your hair needs to be moisturized.


3. When is the best time to use the oil?

It is best to oil your hair/scalp either before or after a workout OR before or after your shower. The reason being, the hair is damp and your pores are open which will allow the oil to absorb into the hair and scalp and the moisture can then be sealed in once the head/scalp cools down and returns to its normal temperature. It’s almost like a daily hot oil treatment when done this way.


4.  Does the oil help with growth?

 The ingredients in this oil are specially formulated to aid in hair growth and ultimately help to eliminate dry scalp issues. However, growth is best noticed when routine maintenance is performed that includes a healthy hair care regimen. Product choices and regular maintenance are key to ensuring hair growth !!


5. I have psoriasis/dermatitis/eczema, will this oil help me?

Absolutely. Please refer to the customer reviews under each product to see how others with these same issues have drastically benefited from using CYK Essentials Oil.


6.  Is it safe for sensitive skin and children?

CYK Essentials Oil is safe for all ages, skin types, and tones.  It is also safe for those with sensitive skin.


7.  Trouble with my order, who do I contact?

Please call/text 770-769-2364 or email: combyokitchenapp@gmail.com for all questions and concerns for existing orders.


8. How long will it take my product(s) to arrive after I place my order?

We ask that you allow 3-5 business days for processing of orders.  Please be mindful that oils are made fresh weekly. After you receive confirmation of shipping which will also include your USPS tracking number, your order will arrive to you within the selected number of days you chose for shipping. 


9. I scheduled a pickup order but didn't receive a notification for pickup, what should I do?

Please call or text 770-769-2364.


10.  How long will it take me to see results?

Several customers report noticing relief of scalp irritations and inflammations as soon as they applied the oil. Hair growth results have been reported in as little as 1-3 weeks of use, depending on your consistency with use of the product as well as other factors that help stimulate hair growth. (purchase your shower caps and sleep caps to help keep your crowns covered which also helps to facilitate more rapid growth results.